Fancom and HATO joined forces for advances in innovative agricultural lighting

Fancom and HATO joined forces for advances in innovative agricultural lighting

In November last year, Fancom joined forces with HATO, well-known supplier of high-quality agricultural lighting. In the partnership with HATO, two strong brands with a rich history join forces. And poultry, pig and mushroom farmers worldwide can reap the benefits of this. Working closely together and sharing knowledge creates a unique synergy of first-class lighting together with intelligent automatic control of the light in each house.

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Together we can offer a lighting system that automatically adjusts intensity, light colour and lighting schedule according to the animals' needs. Lighting that takes account of animal behaviour and is fully integrated into the climate and feeding process in the house. With the main goal of optimising the animals' living environment, but also saving costs and improving efficiency.

Jacques Janssen, Director Sales & Marketing of Fancom on this cooperation: "Our new product line for agricultural lighting fits perfectly into our drive towards the farm of the future, where we use smart house technologies to control all farm processes from one central location in order to create superior farm conditions in which the animals can perform optimally”.

Innovation as a driving force

The joint commitment of Fancom and HATO to advances in agricultural lighting marks a progressive step. We know better than anyone how agricultural lighting can make a huge difference to livestock farmers and their animals, how it improves performance and reduces costs. Together, we continue to invest in pioneering agricultural lighting and we aim to make our solutions available to all livestock farmers, wherever they are in the world.

Max Obers, Commercial Director at HATO Agricultural Lighting on this partnership: "This collaboration marks an important moment in our ongoing mission to illuminate the global agricultural sector with our expertise. Our partnership combines HATO's proven knowledge in animal welfare with Fancom's innovative approach, ensuring our joint success”.

For further information on this business partnership, interested parties can contact the representatives  of Fancom and HATO. The future of agricultural lighting is brighter than ever before thanks to this innovative alliance!

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