Fancom and VDL Agrotech become partners in dry feed solution

Fancom and VDL Agrotech become partners in dry feed solution

From now on Fancom and VDL Agrotech have joined forces to complete Fancom's dry feed solutions portfolio. What this means is that Fancom can now facilitate the complete process, from silo to feeding station.  VDL Agrotech is known for its high-quality, sustainable and innovative tube feeding systems, which are an excellent match for Fancom.

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We therefore believe that, in addition to the already well-known Intellitek, Farotek and Rondomat, we can now offer the most intelligent, most complete and best quality dry feed solutions. In fact, we are convinced that the strong benefits of the VDL products will become even more apparent through coordination with Fancom; resulting in less wear and lower energy costs. Fancom’s solutions will benefit from the addition of VDL equipment because it will strengthen our product benefits; no feed waste and feeding precision.

In combination with the Fancom controllers Lumina 71 or Aura 70 and the expertise of the Fancom employees, we are now able to guarantee optimal technical results during the life stages of a pig. Whether you opt for a single or multi-phase feeding solution, Fancom has the expertise in-house.


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