Fancom at CAHE China

Fancom at CAHE China

From 18 – 20 May 2017 Fancom will attend CAHE in Qingdoa, China, where it will introduce a number of new products which contribute to Fancom’s aim to improve operational processes in the house. Focus of this year’s participation will be on introducing our smart feeding systems to the Chinese pig production industry and our Big Data management solutions.


Fancom’s INTELLITEK is an electronic sow feeding station for pregnant sows housed in groups. The Intellitek stimulates the sow's natural behaviour and offers outstanding functionality for practical sow management. Feeding the animals individually according to their specific needs keeps feed costs in check and keeps the animals in top condition.


FAROTEK dispenses feed to sows in the farrowing house several times a day according to an individual regime. Moving the sensor ball allows the sow to decide when she eats her ration of feed. The sows have a higher feed intake and lose less body condition (backfat).


Rondomat is a sensor-controlled automatic feeder for piglets to help ensure a smooth post-weaning transition to grain-based feed. The newly-weaned piglets are given immediate access to clean, fresh feed without having to learn how to operate the feeder. The result is optimal health with good daily growth.


Our FarmManager software provides 24/7 access to the control computers in the house. All data are collected and presented in clear to understand forms, providing valuable information about the animals and the operational processes. Farmers can analyse and compare. Based on facts and figures that indicate where improvements can be made. This fits perfectly in a big data approach to farming. Learn through registration!

The innovative solutions of Fancom fit perfectly with the increasing demand of the Chinese pig and poultry industry to improve the production process and quality to ultimately obtain a better position in the world food market. Fancom’s systems not only control and automate feed distribution, climate and growth performance, but are also capable of making great insights into animal behaviour and comfort levels.

You can find us at booth WC02 in Hall W02

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