Fancom at Mushroom Days 2023

Fancom at Mushroom Days 2023

From 10 to 12 May, Fancom will once again be present at the Mushroom Days in The Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. This year, our new stand will draw attention to how mushroom growers can exploit automation to cut costs and improve quality. The sky-rocketing prices of energy and the shortage of good staff are seriously jeopardising the profitability of mushroom farming. Our total automation systems provide the mushroom industry with the tools they need to efficiently run their farms from day-to-day.

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Highlights on our booth

  • The Lumina 765.e and 765.xl mushroom computers have a new software version. Some aspects of operation have been simplified, a number of controls have been improved and the registration options have been extended. The update means that both mushroom computers offer interesting options for new and existing users.
  • The Lumina 751 ensures optimal climate conditions in the fermentation process for mushroom cultivation. The better the climate in the bunkers and the better the fermentation process is controlled, the better the compost quality.
  • The Lumina 750 tunnel computer creates the optimal mushroom climate conditions in phase II and III processes in tunnel systems for various varieties of mushrooms. A well controlled composting process is also faster, adding time gain to the list of benefits.
  • The Lumina 767 controls the amount of water in one or two growing rooms. Optimal distribution of the required amount of water over the entire cultivation period, and accurate control of the available water divided over the growing room, improve the efficiency of water use.
  • The Infinia Remote App is a handy app to remotely control the Fancom Lumina mushroom computers. It keeps you in touch with the computers at your mushroom farm, no matter where you are.

Our solutions are entirely focussed on achieving superior conditions for all processes in mushroom cultivation. Our smart farm technology manages and controls climate and watering processes in the farm from a central location. They result in better growth conditions, enabling the best results at minimal expense.

We hope to welcome you at our booth nr. 24.

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