Fancom engineers customer-specific switch boxes faster and more efficiently

Fancom engineers customer-specific switch boxes faster and more efficiently

Fancom has significantly improved the engineering process for control panels. This means that we can build our customer-specific switch boxes more easily, faster, more efficiently and error-free.

The end of drawings and wiring lists on paper

Fancom now uses smart wiring technology. This means that all switch boxes are drawn in 3D so that the system automatically generates a digital wiring list. What this means is that the switch box is first built digitally. The wiring data is then printed on the cable and arrives from our supplier in the form of a prefab cable set. This demands highly accurate engineering at the front end. However, we reap the benefits in the subsequent processes by producing the switch boxes error-free in a smarter and easier way. In addition to technical adjustments, this also requires the panel builder to adopt a new way of working.

Large project

Over the past few months, we have engineered a large number of switch boxes for a customer in Saudi Arabia using smart wiring technology. These switch boxes will be integrated in an automated system for poultry houses. A lead time reduction of 25% has been achieved with a minimum error margin for functional testing of the switch boxes. More than 500 unique wires, with a total length of 620 metres, have been installed in each switch box.

LEAN production process

Switch boxes are an alternative to separate Farm control computers. A switch box ensures faster assembly and clearer installation in the house. To safeguard quality, the entire process of designing and engineering the switch boxes is in the experienced hands of the panel building team at Fancom. This team works according to the Lean Manufacturing philosophy that aims to create maximum value for the customer by reducing waste. 

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