Fancom introduces flexible light control

Fancom introduces flexible light control

Fancom is introducing an improved version of the light control for the Lumina 36/38 and 38H poultry computers. Various clock functionalities have been updated and expanded. From now on, any required light plan is possible to create a natural day and night rhythm for the poultry. This brings the controllers fully in line with market demands. The new functionalities simplify use of the controllers and ensure better results from your animals.

Better animal performance

Lighting in a poultry house is an important factor in realising a good technical performance. The light colour and spectrum, the light plan and the intensity influence animal behaviour and consequently their growth and production. An extensive, flexible light control system in your climate computer is therefore indispensable. This allows you to maintain a calm atmosphere in the house and limit feather pecking and cannibalism. 

Limit egg loss

For laying hens it is now possible to dimming the light intensity more naturally, the animals can roost for the night more calmly. This can quickly find the right place to roost for the night and locate the nest boxes in the morning easily. This encourages them to lay more eggs in the nest boxes so egg quality improves and fewer eggs are lost.

Fancom introduces flexible light control
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Intelligent light key for ease of use

If work needs to be done in the house during a dark period, the lights are regularly switched on manually. Sudden light causes stress for your animals. To prevent light being on for an unnecessarily long period, a new intelligent light key has been added to the Lumina. Pressing this key activates the ‘control’ light which will gradually dim and switch off after a certain time. The light level and time can be set as required. 

Clear and easy to use

The new light control in the Lumina 36/38 and 38H is easy to set and the status is clearly displayed. From now on, any required light plan is possible. 

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