Fancom presents innovative lighting solutions

Fancom presents innovative lighting solutions

We proudly present our latest solutions for innovative agricultural lighting.  Lighting that meets the needs of your animals, improves performance and reduces costs. Our lighting product line offers various solutions for poultry, pigs and mushrooms. This new line perfectly complements our commitment to total house automation where smart technology is applied to control all the process in the house from a central location. Ventilation and heating, feed and water distribution, lighting, animal weighing and egg counting - all controlled and monitored perfectly.

Fancom presents innovative lighting solutions

HATO and Fancom join forces

We work with HATO, an established supplier of high-quality lighting solutions, for our agricultural lighting. From today, we will market the well-known HATO agricultural lighting under the Fancom label. This partnership with HATO combines the best of two strong brands with a rich history. So poultry and pig farmers and mushroom growers worldwide can enjoy the benefits. The combination of high quality lighting with intelligent, automatic light control in each house offers multiple advantages. Here's a preview of what you can expect.

High performance

Our lighting features various light colour combinations including UV-A light. Adjusting the colour and light intensity allows you to fully meet the needs of the animals. The result is an improved feed conversion rate, faster growth and - importantly - enhanced animal welfare.

Energy efficient

We fully understand the importance of reducing energy consumption in today's world. Our new lighting uses energy-efficient LED technology. You can use the optimal lighting setting without worrying about high energy costs. 

Lighting in laying hen house


Our product line has a wide range of options to suit many applications. From broiler houses to layer houses, individual pig pens to group housing and growing rooms for mushrooms. The lighting is pre-wired for easy installation and fully integrated with Fancom climate computers. We create a light plan for each project, adapted to suit the specification of your farm.

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We look forward to lighting your farm with our new product line of agricultural lighting and creating the most comfortable conditions in the house for your animals.

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