Fancom’s innovation department sees significant expansion

Fancom’s innovation department sees significant expansion

We attach great value to innovation at Fancom. One in five of our employees is engaged in research and development. They are committed to improving the processes in livestock houses and on mushroom farms by implementing innovations and making process management more efficient. Our ambition is unparalleled and reflected in our strong growth. We also believe in the importance of continuously anticipating new developments. To fulfil these ambitions, Floris Sprengers, Ruth Kabantu and Patrick Gloudemans joined our innovation department on 1 February.

Innovation Director

In his role as Innovation Director, Floris Sprengers will head our product development. He is responsible for an efficient development process. Floris has many years of experience in product development at large enterprises. The combination of this expertise with his passion for technology creates the ideal platform to translate new technologies into innovative products that will improve the conditions for animals, farmers, the environment and ultimately society as a whole. Floris is new to the animal husbandry sector. However he is eagerly anticipating being able to contribute to the future of global food production in this role. The explosive rate at which the global population is growing and the associated, increasing need for meat and eggs is forcing the sector to explore new solutions. Floris firmly believes that the smart application of new technologies can play a vital role in this respect. 

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Project Manager

Ruth Kabantu has also joined Fancom as a Project Manager. Ruth faces the exciting challenge of leading our extensive innovation projects and working with her team of engineers to meet the schedules. Her strength is uniting and facilitating the various disciplines to enable the team to concentrate on the core task, developing high-tech products that farmers can rely on to manage and control the processes in their houses. In her role, she will contribute to expanding Fancom’s market leadership in total, automated, farm management systems. 

Product Manager

And lastly, Patrick Gloudemans has made an internal move at Fancom from sales to innovation. His new role is Product Manager. During his years as a sales manager, Patrick gained extensive knowledge of the market, our customers and our products. In his new position, Patrick will continue to stress the importance of maintaining close ties with everyday practice, while fulfilling a role as the connecting factor between the market and our sales and innovation departments. By keeping an ear close to the ground, he can ensure that the development of future products is fully in line with the needs of our customers. 

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We are very happy with these additions to our innovation department. Each new member of the team can use their own skills and expertise to contribute to the efficient development of new products. We wish them all lots of luck in their new roles!

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