Fantura ceiling inlets for Martinsdale Colony

Fantura ceiling inlets for Martinsdale Colony

A new pig barn is under construction at the Martinsdale Colony in Montana, showcasing cutting-edge livestock technology and highlighting a positive trend in new construction. The new pig barn is a project of our US distributor AG-Plus Farm and Ranch Supply and is fully equipped with Fancom ventilation and smart feeding systems. Our Technical Service Engineers recently visited the site to assist with the project's startup. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, ensuring the barn operates efficiently and meets the highest standards of animal welfare and productivity.

For fresh air supply, the barn will be equipped with Fancom’s Fantura ceiling inlets. The Fantura Ceiling Inlets are very well suitable for the challenging winter conditions in Montana. With their robust design and advanced technology, these inlets excel even in the harshest environments, ensuring consistent airflow and comfort for the animals year-round thanks to their innovative Fantura jet stream technology designed specifically for minimum ventilation. When operating at lower temperatures, these inlets create a focused jetstream of bundled air, preventing a cold airdrop onto the animals.

We look forward to seeing the positive impact this state-of-the-art barn will have on our customer's operations., an online platform dedicated to the swine industry, published an article about this innovative project.

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