Fantura tunnel inlet prevents cold air drop with tunnel ventilation

Fantura tunnel inlet prevents cold air drop with tunnel ventilation

The typical feature of a tunnel ventilation system is the fans installed in the rear gable of a house and an air inlet at the front of the house. This creates the so-called tunnel effect where air flows over the animals at high speed and creates a cooling breeze. With a wind speed of 1.5 m/second - similar to a sea breeze - that wind chill effect can already cause the actual temperature in the house of 34 degrees Celsius to feel like 24 degrees and help prevent heat stress. With the Fantura tunnel inlet you create a perfectly controllable tunnel ventilation system.

Unique design

What makes the Fantura tunnel inlet unique is the special way it opens. The panels slide smoothly from top to bottom and create a gradual increase in the flow of ventilation flow in the house.

Also for minimum ventilation

The gradual opening action in combination with the inlet's unique shape, also make the tunnel inlet ideal for minimum ventilation. A jet stream bundles the incoming air for a better throw that directs the air straight to the ridge of the building. This effect is a good way of cutting costs as there is no need to install additional inlets above the tunnel inlet. 

Fantura tunnel inlet prevents cold air drop with tunnel ventilation

Years of trouble-free operation

With a capacity of no less than 38,000 m3, the Fantura tunnel inlet delivers a top performance. The inlet is airtight and well insulated and made of materials that are perfectly resistant to weather influences and the aggressive substances in the air inside the house. Users can rely on years of trouble-free operation. 

Easy to use

A Fantura inlet system is a complete package with actuator and an intelligent control computer. Just one actuator is needed to accurately control the system. 

Fantura tunnel detail

Improved animal performance

The new tunnel inlet is part of the series of Fantura air inlet systems which all feature the special patented inlet design. Fantura eliminates a cold drop on the animals. The manure remains dry and prevents leg problems. Your animals stay healthy and perform better. In addition, the consistent growth conditions promote uniformity.

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Fantura tunnel inlet in practice

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