Fantura wind hood improves animal performance

Fantura wind hood improves animal performance

We are proud to inform you about the Fantura wind hood - the latest addition to our product line of Fantura air inlet systems. The unique design of the Fantura wind hood contributes to creating a stable house climate and ensures a better performance from your animals.

Wind influences disturb the air flow in the house

Outdoor conditions such as wind, especially with fluctuating speeds and directions, disturb the air flow in the house. Air flows into the house too fast so it has less time to warm up and the air speed when it reaches the animals is too high. To reduce this wind influence, wind hoods are often installed to shield the air inlets on the outside of the house.

Traditional wind hoods are not always effective

A loss of air inlet capacity is a major disadvantage of traditional wind hoods. This amounts on average to a 30% loss which means you need to install 30% more air inlet valves if you use wind hoods. That adds up to a considerable extra investment. But another effect of a traditional wind hood is also a drawback that could be improved. In high winds, traditional wind hoods are buffeted by lots of wind which builds up the pressure in the hood. So even in situations that use a wind hood, the air pattern in the house is disrupted. This has a negative impact on the animals resulting in restless behaviour or even disease.

Fantura wind hood three times more effective

To solve this issue, we have developed the ultimate wind hood that completely eliminates any negative wind influences. The striking design features a special aerodynamic shape with four side openings that prevent pressure building up in the hood. This ensures improved functionality, with a performance up to even three times better than conventional wind hoods. This design eliminates air movements in the hood and creates the ideal situation before air enters the house.

Watch the Fantura wind hood in action here:

No capacity loss 

The special aerodynamic design of the Fantura wind hood keeps any loss of air inlet capacity to a minimum so no additional inlets are necessary.

Fantura wind hood

Unique air inlet system

The Fantura wind hood is perfectly dimensioned to be mounted on all versions of the Fantura wall inlets and can also be used with sliding inlets. Application of the Fantura wind hood enhances the unique operation of our Fantura air inlets. The wind hood features protective guards and a light filter is also available. The combination of Fantura air inlets and the wind hood offers the most advanced air inlet system that safeguards a stable house climate for the best animal performance under all conditions.

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