Farms in Australia are now using Fancom's eYeGrow

Farms in Australia are now using Fancom’s award winning eYeGrow. With many integrators putting a major focus on Precision Livestock farming, Fancom's distributor Metrowest recently installed its first camera into a commercial grow/finish farm with R&D facilities, located in South Australia.

eYeGrow weighing system

With Fancom’s award winning eyeGrow weighing system for pigs with 3D infrared camera installed, they can now enjoy the benefits of:

  • Permanent, no-stress weighing of finishers without growth loss
  • No extra labour input
  • Improvement on feed strategy for better feed profit
  • Optimal delivery strategy without weight reductions

The eYeGrow Features

  • More than 97% accuracy
  • Easy installation without calibration
  • Fits perfectly in existing houses
  • Does not take up space in the pen or affect the number of animals
  • Low maintenance
  • No additional lighting needed
  • Suitable for finishers >40kg