Feed more sows

Feed more sows

Fancom is introducing the latest versions of a number of intelligent feeding systems designed to feed sows individually during the entire production cycle. The upgraded Intellitek feeding station for gestating sows and the FaroTek system for farrowing houses now enable even more sows to be fed individually and increase the efficiency of sow management. Allowing you to automatically create the very best conditions for your sows!


Intellitek sow feeding station now suitable for every house

The latest version of the Intellitek sow feeding station is now suitable for use on farms that house up to 7000 sows. To facilitate this, the TouchTek Management System can be expanded by adding another server for extra capacity to save all the extended sow data. This data is processed quickly and easily, so you can save time while closely monitoring the performance of your sows.

Wider application range for FaroTek 

The FaroTek system for individual sow feeding has been expanded. As well as suitability for use in farrowing houses, the system can now be used in the service house and even for gestating sows housed in individual stalls. FaroTek allows you to feed sows several times a day according to an individual regime. As the sow decides when she wants to eat her ration of feed, she will intake more feed to maintain a good body condition. 


Expanding the existing systems in this way allows you to benefit from efficient feed management throughout the sow's entire production cycle, from breeding to farrowing. And that offers many advantages. Sow farming means constantly delivering a peak performance, and good sow management is indispensable to keep your animals in top condition so they give their best performance in the house. Fancom's upgraded feeding systems offer you a suitable system for every type of house and each phase of the sow's life. Giving you even tighter control of the processes and savings on feed costs too!

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