Granja Avícola Agromiret: the importance of good quality and cost savings

Our distributor New Farms in Spain recently realised the pioneering, turnkey project Granja Avícola Agromiret in the Alcarrás (Lleida), Spain. The poultry house measures 130x15 meters and can house 35,000 animals. New Farms made a video of this facility with some great shots of the Lumina 38 climate controller, the large I-fans in the end gable and the Greenline pad cooling with synthetic pads.

Joan Miret's modern, new house features a number of stand out innovations such as the large I-fans in the end gable and the Greenline pad cooling. Another special feature is the adjustable shading system to regulate the daylight. This level of innovation makes the house an exemplary project for the sector in Spain. The application of the MTT ventilation principle controlled by the Lumina 38 climate control unit combined with the extra energy efficient fans and efficient cooling creates an optimal climate for Joan's poultry with minimal production costs. The high quality of the products and the realisation of the project were the main motivations for Joan Miret to work with New Farms