IFarming | Putting a number on sustainability

IFarming | Putting a number on sustainability

In the innovation gallery at VIV Europe, Fancom will present its vision of the opportunities provided by an automatic sustainability dashboard. This dashboard collects data generated by the house computers and uses this data to show how sustainable and animal friendly the production process is.

Automated processes in a pig or poultry house are a valuable source of information about the animals' environment, feed, water consumption, growth, health and behaviour. By monitoring these parameters continually, and presenting the data in a clear to understand dashboard, the user has access to valuable management information that can be used to implement improvements based on objective measures.

Insight into sustainable meat production

In addition, this information also provides insight into how animals were reared, their levels of welfare and the environmental impact of the system they are reared in. The current practice of periodic audits by inspectors brings a degree of insight. However by facilitating continual monitoring we can go further and open up not only meaningful dialogue between producers and consumers, but also provide the transparency needed to prove sustainable production. Quantifying in this way could take us one step closer to a global standard. 

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