Innov’Space award for Fantura tunnel inlet

Innov’Space award for Fantura tunnel inlet

We are proud to announce that our Fantura Tunnel Inlet System is honoured with an Innov’Space award 2022. Each year, a jury of experts, independent of the SPACE organisation, examines with utmost neutrality and confidentiality the new products proposed by the exhibitors. It will select the products which will present a significant innovation.

Fantura Tunnel inlet - Black

Fantura ensures a constant and uniform supply of fresh air into the house in all conditions. Incoming air is bundled for a better throw. Cold air no longer drops onto your animals and the litter stays nice and dry which eliminates foot problems. The tunnel inlet features a unique way of opening that gradually increases the ventilation flow in the house so your animals can benefit from the cooling effect without any disruptions.

Come and see us in September at SPACE in Rennes, France or discover more about our Fantura tunnel inlet now.

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