Intelligent Greenline Pad Cooling prevents heat stress

Intelligent Greenline Pad Cooling prevents heat stress

For efficient cooling in pig and poultry houses, Fancom offers Greenline Pad Cooling. This system uses cooling units that cool the incoming air using water that flows through a synthetic pad installed in front of the air inlet. A major benefit of this cooling method is its capability to cool air efficiently, coupled with extremely low energy consumption.

Long operational life

Greenline Pad Cooling has an extremely long operational life as all the component parts are made of UV-resistant PVC or stainless steel. The pads have a durability that is five times longer than paper cooling pads.

Controllable cooling capacity

The Fancom controller provides linear control of the cooling capacity. This means that conditions in the house will be accurately regulated to suit the needs of the animals and prevents temperature fluctuations. This gives greater advantages compared with existing pad cooling systems that offer only on/off or modulating control. Greenline Pad Cooling prevents animal stress and guarantees uninterrupted growth.

Higher occupancy with low mortality

High occupancy at high temperatures is a challenge for every poultry producer. The risk of heat stress increases with high outside temperatures. Heat stress occurs when high temperatures and high humidity prevent an animal from regulating its own body temperature. This impacts on animal health. Fancom's MTT ventilation system combined with Greenline Pad Cooling is an excellent way to keep animals in their comfort zone. Even with maximum occupancy and extremely high outside temperatures, the animals will continue to grow.

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