Intellitek sow feeding station detects ear tag loss

Intellitek sow feeding station detects ear tag loss

The RIFD ear tag is very important for gestating sows in group housing. After all, only sows that are recognized by the feeding station are given access to the station and are served their daily adjusted portion of feed. Sows that have lost their ear tag cannot enter the station, do not receive feed and cause unrest in the group, which can lead to aggression. The stress this causes for the gestating sow is detrimental to the implantation of the embryos and can therefore lead to more returner sows. If a gestating sow without an ear tag remains unnoticed for too long, this will lead to a loss of condition and in the worst case even to abortion. You want to avoid that at all times.

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New pre-recognition prevents loss of condition

The new pre-recognition of the Intellitek sow feeding station puts an end to this stress factor for your sows. An infrared sensor in the extra gates at the entrance registers sows that report to the station. Even if this sow does not have an ear tag, the station will still open and the sow can go inside and get a small portion of feed. Then the system will select her in a separate part of the group. The sow farmer immediately sees what is going on and can place a new ear tag.

See how the new option for Intellitek works

Your sows in top condition

Make sure that ear tag loss no longer leads to disruption of the feeding process for your gestating sows in group housing and now opt for the pre-recognition at the Intellitek sow feeding station. The new option is suitable for all Intellitek feeding stations that are equipped with selection ports and can also be used for existing installations. Ask your installer about the possibilities.

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