It's all about service, already for 45 years

It's all about service, already for 45 years

"We prioritise service. Clients can call us directly if they have any issues and we'll find a solution." This is emphatically spoken by Mike Kleijngeld, director of Elektro-Installatiebedrijf van Lanen B.V.

Van Lanen in Mill, in the province of Brabant, was founded by Frans van Lanen in 1979. His son Lamfred van Lanen joined the company ten years later, in 1989. Since 2022, Mike has co-owned the company with Lamfred to ensure the continuity of van Lanen and its services. Mike started working at Van Lanen in 2009 and knows the company extremely well: “When I started in 2009 the company employed 15 people. We now number around 50 employees”. As well as serving the utilities and industrial sectors, Van Lanen is mainly active in the agricultural sector: “The total size of the agricultural market in the Netherlands is not expanding. However, the installation companies that serve this market are becoming increasingly specialised. Farms are continuing to scale up and the complexity of the installations keeps on growing. Our clients also have changing needs, and we respond accordingly. The current focus is firmly on sustainability".

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Solid and reliable

Despite its growth, van Lanen has maintained the character of a genuine family business. There is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere at the company and a good blend of experienced team members and younger employees forms the basis for 24/7 customer service. “We have an extensive client base and they all require service and maintenance. A significant proportion of our work involves long-tern clients, some of whom have been with us right from the start. Our clients describe us as a solid and reliable company where we are as good as our word. We prioritise service and can be contacted 24/7. That flexibility is highly appreciated by our clients and increases our chances of being commissioned for renovation or new build projects." 

Strong partnership

Van Lanen has been a dealer of climate and feeding systems from Fancom from the beginning. “Fancom was one of the recognised brand leaders in farm automation systems, so partnership was a logical move for us. We consider it important to be able to offer our clients a total package in automated solutions. Many of our clients have multiple locations and Fancom's FarmManager enables them to control the climate and the feeding system. A central system allows remote access to the temperature measurements and settings in a section or the feed consumption data. They can capture and save all the data and analyse it to improve the performance of the next cycle. The combination of climate and feeding makes it a strong solution."   

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Knowledge is power

“Back at the start, we cooperated intensively with Fancom and often visited farmers together to provide good advice. To act as a valuable partner for your clients, you need to do more than simply connect the right cables. We are now so knowledgeable about the climate and feeding processes that we are capable of designing a house with the client. We also visit clients at a much earlier stage to discuss the details and arrive at the best solution together. 

We maintain excellent contacts with Fancom through Martien Berkers, our Fancom sales manager. He is always available to help if we have any questions. Sharing knowledge and experiences is very important, so our technicians attend training at Fancom every two years to keep them up to date on the latest developments. 

We know, for example, that Fancom is currently working on Fancom One, a completely new, smart system for house control from one central point. But we are also very pleased that Fancom has committed to update the Lumina 78 liquid feed computer as one of our specialisms is constructing liquid feed installations that are operated by the Fancom liquid feed computer. There are several pig farmers in our region who are planning to renovate in the near future and we want to be able to offer them the latest liquid feeding software."

Specialist in liquid feeding in the region ... and far beyond

Van Lanen uses the extensive control functionality in the Fancom Lumina 78 to control their liquid feed installations. “We enjoy taking on challenges, and that includes liquid feeding. Liquid feed installations often involve quite complex technology and it's the technical challenge that makes it interesting. No matter how complex the situation is, we can always install an effective solution for farmers. These installations are maybe a little more expensive but they offer greater flexibility in terms of feeding. In addition, you can keep your feed costs manageable by mixing your own feed using residual flows from the food industry or crops grown on your own farm.

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With this type of complex installation, it is reassuring for users if they can rely on their installer should any malfunctions unexpectedly occur. We have a huge range of parts in stock ranging from mixers, motors, pumps and membranes to PVC pipes. So if a part malfunctions in a client's installation right now, we can usually fix the issue within an hour, so to speak. Our focus is on service, and outstanding service is our defining strength."

Van Lanen's extensive expertise in liquid feeding is a distinctive feature of the company.  “We will shortly be assisting Fancom's dealer in Switzerland on an interesting project that involves a complex liquid feed installation. It was through Fancom that we came into contact with that company. It's really great to work together on a project like this. Who knows what lies ahead for further partnerships."

A robust partner for the farmers of the future

There is a very clear vision of the future at van Lanen: “We have the fullest confidence in the Dutch agricultural sector. There will always be mouths to feed and you know that food produced in the Netherlands is good and that it complies with legislation and other criteria. I am certain that consumers will become increasing aware of this and attach value to securing our supplies of nationally produced food. The number of farmed animals in the Netherlands will not grow, but the license to produce and exist will remain. 

Farmers are also making greater efforts to increase their sustainability. The large expanses of roofing on animal housing are ideal for arrays of solar panels and the interest in energy storage systems is surging. We are responding to these trends and our first energy storage systems have been in operation for a while. A wind turbine suitable for farmyard installation is another on-going development. We are collaborating with a partner on this project, which is still in its early stages, but we see very promising opportunities for the future".

Open day

“It's important that the agricultural sector remains in dialogue with consumers. For example, we support the 'Boert Bewust' foundation that promotes greater understanding and awareness of where our food comes from by bringing together farmers, growers and consumers.

We also organise a big celebration every five years for our regular clients, business contacts and families. To mark the occasion of our 45th anniversary we held an open day on 7 April. This event was attended by almost 700 visitors and was a super opportunity for us to show how we are working on a bright future for us all. An enjoyable party to thank our partners, in a way that reflects the family values of van Lanen, friendly and professional".

Van Lanen - 45 jaar

We congratulate the entire team at van Lanen on this important milestone of 45 years!

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