Labour saving watering system with the Lumina 767

Labour saving watering system with the Lumina 767

An automatic watering control saves time and has a positive influence on the quality of your mushrooms. The new Lumina 767 controls the amount of water in one or two growing rooms.

Labour saving watering system with the Lumina 767

Efficient use of water

The computer allows the required amount of water to be dosed automatically at any hour of the day. Optimal distribution of the required amount of water over the entire cultivation period, and accurate control of the available water divided over the growing room (sequence control), improve the efficiency of water use. In addition, uniform water distribution improves the growth conditions for the mushrooms.

Labour saving

As well as the pre-programmed automatic controls, the grower can make manual adjustments to adapt the watering settings more accurately to suit the situation at that particular moment. The new Lumina 767 has an easy to use touch screen with smart control functions and user-friendly overviews using spraying cycles, spraying patterns and programs. Remote control with a smartphone is part of the options. In this way, the Lumina 767 watering computer frees your hands but still leaves you in command.

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