Large FAN 145 on/off fan

Large FAN 145 on/off fan

The Fancom F145 fan is now available. With a diameter of 145 centimetres, this is the largest direct drive on/off cone fan in Fancom’s range. Before the introduction, the largest fan diameter measured 92 centimetres. Delivering a maximum air volume of 66,820 m³/hour, the F145 also has the highest capacity.

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Fancom introduced the intelligent, controllable I-Fan 145Xtra a few months ago. Now that an on/off version of identical size is also available, perfect tunnel ventilation with a gradual increase in ventilation capacity can be created by combining both products. This enables the ideal climate conditions to be achieved during every phase of the life of animals in the pig and poultry production sector. 

The FAN 145 is available in two versions: 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

F145 on/off fan

The direct drive increases the sustainability of the FAN 145, and reduces maintenance. The fan combines a high air output with low energy consumption per m³ (25.1 m³/h per watt). The aerodynamic design improves the air flow, so the Fan 145 delivers top performance even in situations with high counter-pressures. As a result, the Fan 145 can be considered one of the most efficient direct drive, high capacity tunnel fans available.

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