Lumina Touch+ with extra large operating screen

Lumina Touch+ with extra large operating screen

For added ease of operation, the Fancom Lumina control computers are now also available with an extra large, 12 inch operating screen. This larger screen makes it easier to readout information on the screens, easier to adapt settings and reduces the risk of errors.

The big advantages of the Lumina control computer are a clear overview and convenience. The Lumina software is characterized by the use of recognizable symbols and colors: green means everything is fine, orange means that some aspect needs your attention. Handy navigation buttons on the main screen give the user direct access to the most important data from the houses with a single click. It is also very easy to zoom in for more details. This gives users better insight into the climate processes in their houses and they can maximize the potential of their climate computers.


Practical app operation

Lumina Touch+ control computers also have a handy Infinia Remote App that allows remote control of the computers via a smartphone. This keeps users in touch with their houses 24 hours a day, even when they are not present on site. All the latest data from the houses is displayed on the smartphone and in the event of any abnormal situations, immediate intervention is possible from anywhere in the world. The Remote App saves time, improves the conditions in the houses and of course the end results

Big in simplicity

The Lumina Touch+ version is available for the Lumina 17, 36, 38, 20 and 21 climate computers and the Lumina 71 feed computer. The large screen can even be incorporated into a switch box. Existing Lumina users can also benefit from the advantages of added operational ease by updating their systems.

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