Meet Chanyuan Lyu (Helen), Fancoms new Chinese colleague

Meet Chanyuan Lyu (Helen), Fancoms new Chinese colleague

Chanyuan Lyu (Helen) joined Fancom on 1 January 2023. In her new role, Helen will support Fancom for the sales and other commercial activities in the Chinese market. In cooperation with local distributors and partners, she will develop this market further and contribute to the growth of our organisation with existing and new customers.

Chanyuan Helen Lyu

Helen Lyu has 15 years of experience in the agriculture sector, including 10 years of experience in the poultry industry. After graduating from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Biotechnology Engineering major, she worked for the Ministry of Agriculture of The People’s Republic of China. After that, she joined the Dutch-China Poultry Developing Alliance (DPDA) as vice representative. This alliance helps Dutch companies in the poultry industry to develop their business in China, for example by introducing potential customers to Dutch companies, organizing top Chinese poultry companies to visit Dutch companies and organizing seminars and technical trainings. This lead to Helen accumulating abundant experience and knowledge. She knows the Chinese market and what Chinese customers need. At the same time she knows Europe technology and products, so she can facilitate communication between Chinese and European companies.

Helen Lyu on her new role: “China is a huge market and has great growth potential. Fancom is an industry leader with the most advanced technology and best quality. But still many Chinese customers don’t know us or can’t communicate easily with us directly. I will use my experience, resources, knowledge and cooperate with our team closely, to provide the best service for all our dealers and customers. So more and more customers get to know Fancom, making our solutions successful all over China!”

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