More ease of operation for Lumina 21 climate computer

More ease of operation for Lumina 21 climate computer

The Lumina 21 climate computer for pig houses now offers even more ease of use. The advanced climate computer has been expanded with a number of clear operating screens that give users an improved overview of the situation in the houses. Just a single click gives pig producers full control over the climate conditions in the sections that house sows, piglets and finishers.

More ease of operation for Lumina 21 climate computer

Maximise the potential of your climate computer

The main screen contains various handy navigation buttons that give direct access to the most important data from the houses. It is now possible to zoom in from each page to retrieve more details. This makes it easier to adapt settings and reduces the risk of errors. The data is clearly structured, and users can quickly return to the main screen. This gives pig producers better insight into the climates processes in their house and they can maximise the potential of their climate computers.

Additional features for more animal comfort

A number of features have also been added in this version that more accurately adapt the climate to suit the needs of the animals. These include night correction and the influence of the section temperature on the (floor) heating.

Remote contact with the house 24/7

Thanks to Fancom's new Remote app, pig producers are in contact with the pig houses 24/7, from no matter what the location. Via a smartphone, the app displays the most important and current farm data in a clear and easy to read format.

Remote control

If the app detects any abnormalities in the sections, adjustments to the settings can be made from anywhere in the world to improve the situation instantly. This greatly improves the daily management of a pig farm. The Remote app saves time, prevents errors and boosts your profitability.

More ease of operation for Lumina 21 climate computer - Infinia

Update available

Lumina climate computers already in use can be easily updated so that every pig producer can benefit from the new ease of operation.

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