New backdraught shutter improves the house climate

New backdraught shutter improves the house climate

Fancom's new backdraught shutter prevents climate fluctuations and contributes to a stable house climate. Wind influences will be reduced, the animals will experience less stress and they will benefit from a uniform house climate in all conditions.

Better air distribution in the house

Using a backdraught shutter increases the airtightness of the house and contributes to a stable under pressure. The chimney installed in the ridge of the house is a sensitive place for air leakage. Air leakages air cannot be controlled and should be prevented as much as possible. The backdraught shutter at the top of the chimney closes off the chimney and prevents air from flowing back into it when the fan is not active. This makes the backdraught shutter an important component of the ventilation system that contributes to a greater airtightness of the house. A condition for achieving sufficient under pressure in the house is the ability to control air distribution in the house properly.


The new version of the backdraught shutter features a number of significant improvements:

  • A magnet set keeps the backdraught shutter closed in all conditions - even with strong winds and thermal pressure from the house
  • A rubber profile dampens the sound when the shutters close and prevents stress for the birds
  • A modification to the material ensures a long service life and safeguards dimensional stability, even under extreme outdoor conditions
  • A new drive set ensures high operational reliability
New backdraught shutter improves the house climate

Practical chimney system

The backdraught shutter is part of the durable and maintenance-free Fancom chimney system, made of dimensionally stable polyethylene that fits perfectly onto each type of roof. All the parts feature a quick-assembly system with pre-drilled holes and push-in rivets for quick and easy assembly. The sophisticated design reduces air resistance and delivers a higher fan capacity

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