New ease of use with Fancom Infinia remote app

New ease of use with Fancom Infinia remote app

The Infinia Remote App is available for all Fancom Lumina poultry computers. Fancom's new Remote App provides users with a total overview of the current situation in the poultry houses 24/7, anywhere in the world. Download the Infinia Remote app free from the App Store or the Google Play Store

Connect with the houses anytime, anyplace

Via a smartphone, the app displays the most important and current data on climate, feed and weighing computers in a clear and easy to read format. Any abnormalities in the house signalled by the app can be responded to immediately. This gives the user a constant connection to the poultry house, no matter where the user is at that moment.

Remote control

If the app shows irregularities, you can change settings from any place in the world for immediate improvement of the situation in the farm. This represents an immense advance in the daily management of your farm. It saves time, prevents errors and increases the profitability of your farm!

New ease of use with Fancom Infinia remote app

Update available for existing computers

For secure access to the data generated by the computers, we use the latest version of FarmManager. This secure connection is also supported by the Arteria "Infinia Connect". The Infinia Remote App will be available for the climate, feed and weighing computers, provided they use the latest Lumina software. Existing poultry controls can easily be updated with the latest Lumina software so that each poultry farmer can benefit from the new ease of use. Do you want to know more about farm control or farm management software?

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