New Fancom Hygrofan humidifier

New Fancom Hygrofan humidifier

Fancom is introducing the new Hygrofan humidifier that automatically maintains the correct humidity level in the house. Ensuring correct humidity levels in the house is vital for the health and welfare of poultry. If the air is too dry it can cause respiratory problems and dehydration, increasing the risk of infection.

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How the Hygrofan works

The new Fancom Hygrofan is a recirculation fan with an integrated rotating humidifier. The house air is humidified by water sprayed onto the rotating disc. This finely serrated disc rotates at high speed and produces a mist that is blown into the house by the fan. As the Hygrofan humidifier is integrated into the air circulation system in the house, the humidified air is distributed uniformly throughout the building. The distribution of moisture is easy to adjust, even with low volumes. This makes the Hygrofan the ideal solution to increase the humidity with minimum ventilation in the house in hot and dry climates. The Hygrofan is also a valuable addition to houses that use a heat exchanger. When a heat exchanger is used to warm the house, no water is added to the air. This can cause a significant reduction in the relative humidity. Recirculation fans are usually already used in houses with a heat exchanger, so the additional investment costs are kept to a medium. 

Simple system for every house 

The Fancom Hygrofan is extremely easy to install and requires little extra maintenance. No structural adjustments are necessary meaning the Hygrofan can be installed in any type of house, including existing situations. The materials used to construct the Hygrofan are resistant to the corrosive effects of water and acids so a long and reliable service life is guaranteed.

The Fancom Hygrofan humidifier helps maintain the correct humidity levels for the poultry in the house and ensures they are kept comfortable and healthy for an optimal performance.

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