New Fantura ceiling inlet and Fantura sliding inlet

New Fantura ceiling inlet and Fantura sliding inlet

During VIV Europe, Fancom will be displaying two new Fantura air inlet systems. Fancom's successful Fantura air inlet system has been expanded with the addition of a ceiling inlet and a sliding inlet. The distinctive feature of the Fantura air inlet system is the special shape of the inlet. The inlet bundles the incoming air to create a better throw, and ensures a constant, uniform supply of fresh air in the house under all conditions. It effectively eliminates a cold air drop onto your animals so they stay in good health and grow better. In addition, the consistent and even growth conditions improve uniformity. 

The ceiling inlet has been specially designed for wider houses with lowered ceilings. It enables pre-treatment of the incoming air. The special shape of the Fantura inlet means that at the minimum ventilation position incoming air flows into the house slowly along the ceiling, so it can be mixed with the air inside the house. 

Fantura sliding inlet

The Fantura sliding inlet has been specially designed for houses with nesting boxes, cages or other obstacles than can disrupt the flow of air. The direction of the incoming air can be influenced using a number of sliding louvres that can be independently set to different positions. 

Fresh air in the entire house - even with minimum ventilation

When a conventional air inlet is set to the minimum ventilation position, a long, narrow opening is created. The cold, incoming air has too little mass, and its flow speed decreases too rapidly so it drops onto the animals. The special jet stream formed by the Fantura air inlet valve bundles the incoming air and creates a better throw. The air is directed to the ridge of the house where it can mix with the warm air inside the house. 

Unique properties

The Fantura air inlets feature a number of unique properties for practical applications.

  • Dimensional stability and wear-resistant seals for years of reliable air control
  • Aerodynamic housing increases the capacity and improves the air flow
  • Made of polyurethane with a high insulation value and extra strong exterior

Healthier animals

These additions to the existing line mean there is a suitable Fantura air inlet system for every type of house, giving you the security of a consistent air flow and sufficient fresh air for all the animals in the house no matter what the conditions are. Your animals will stay healthier and perform better. 


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