New Fantura double ceiling inlet for the best growth conditions

New Fantura double ceiling inlet for the best growth conditions

Fancom introduces a unique inlet, especially for houses with ceiling ventilation, that ensures a constant, uniform supply of fresh air throughout the house, even in extremely wide buildings. It effectively eliminates a cold air drop onto your animals so they stay in good health and grow better. In addition, the consistent and even growth conditions improve uniformity.

Always enough fresh air in every part of your house

The incoming air is bundled which creates a better throw, so that all the animals in the house can benefit from sufficient supplies of fresh air. The system works fully automatically, which eliminates the need to close the inlets manually. This saves time and prevents errors. 

Patented system- accurate minimum ventilation for healthy animals

The special V-shaped inlet expels the fresh air so powerfully that a capacity of up to 80% flows horizontally along the ceiling. This shape is unique and cannot be matched by another other ceiling inlet. The air can mix better with the air already in the house and prevent temperature fluctuations. 

Excellent seals

The aerodynamic housing reduces air resistance and increases the capacity. This means you can reduce the number of ceiling inlets. The ceiling inlet is well-insulated and has excellent seals. Condensation and the inconvenience of frozen inlets will be a rare occurrence. You can rely on your ventilation system providing years of trouble-free operation.

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