New Fantura wall inlet casing

New Fantura wall inlet casing

We have added a new version of the Fantura wall inlets to our product range. The new version has a slightly different casing compared to the existing wall inlet valves, making it more suitable for installation in thinner stable walls.

Thanks to the modified casing, the new version of Fantura wall valves is easier to install and seal in thinner walls, such as sandwich panels. The photo below shows the difference, with the original Fantura wall valve on the left and the new alternative version on the right.

Fantura traditioneel.png
Fantura new version.png

Both versions will remain available and offer the same unique Fantura features. The patented jetstream bundles the incoming air for improved airflow, preventing cold air from directly falling on the animals. With a constant and even supply of fresh air in the house under all conditions, the animals stay healthy and experience better growth, while consistent growth conditions enhance uniformity.

Consult your installer to determine which version is best suited for your farm.

Fantura wall inlet - Black

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