New features on the 765 mushroom computers

New features on the 765 mushroom computers

A new software version is available for Fancom’s 765.e and 765.xl mushroom computers. Some aspects of operation have been simplified, a number of controls have been improved and the registration options have been extended. The update means that both mushroom computers offer interesting options for new and existing users.

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Rapid response to growing conditions

Both controllers are used during the growing phase of various mushroom varieties. The Lumina 765.e offers accurate climate control based on the growing room conditions. Measurement and registration of the air inlet conditions is also possible. The 765.xl goes a step further and also offers the possibility to control the climate based on the air quality in the air inlet, instead of just measuring and registering. This enables a rapid response to create the optimal growing conditions.

Save time and improve quality

Some aspects of operation of both controllers have been improved for easier and faster use. The cook out control has been expanded, alarms have been adapted for additional security and the control options for the inlet positions have been improved to create a better flow and quality of the air. These upgrades contribute to the quality of the mushroom yield. There are also more registration features so users can analyse their operational processes better with less personal input and effort. The time savings are obvious. These registration features were implemented earlier this year in the fermentation and tunnel computers and are highly appreciated by the users.

Energy saving controls

An extra time clock has also been added to the Lumina 765.xl . This creates greater operational flexibility, for example for light control. Improvements to the controls for cooling demand, and control based on the highest cooling and heating demand make the system more energy efficient.

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For existing and new users

Both updates offer interesting, new features. The new software can be applied in controllers with button operated interfaces and Lumina controllers with touch screen operation. Ask your installer about the options for your mushroom farm. 

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