New heat exchange control in the Lumina 38H climate computer

New heat exchange control in the Lumina 38H climate computer

Fancom is introducing a completely renewed heat exchange control in the Lumina 38H poultry computer. The Lumina 38H climate computer is a special version of the Fancom poultry computer in which the heat exchanger control has been fully integrated with the ventilation control. This makes the Lumina 38H the most extensive climate control device, suitable for controlling the latest generation of heat exchangers.

Optimal use of the heat exchanger

An increasing number of poultry farms use heat exchangers to make sure that the fresh, cold outside air is warmed up before it is delivered to the poultry house. The air is warmed up by exchanging heat between the air that is extracted from the house and the fresh outdoor air that is introduced into the house. In order to make optimum use of this technology, it is vital that the supporting circulation fans or air introduction system are adjusted and set correctly. This is a job that the Lumina 38H is highly suited to.

How to make optimum use of your heat echanger

New features Lumina 38H

In addition to the existing air inlet, exhaust, circulation fan and heat exchanger rinsing controls, the new Lumina 38H has several new features:

  • Louvre control that prevents cold air from dropping onto the animals.
  • Extra heating control to save on heating costs.
  • Alarm control on the airflow transmitter that acts as a safeguard that sufficient fresh air is being introduced into the house at all times.
  • Extra rinse control to spread the use of water.
New heat exchange control in the Lumina 38H climate computer

Switching between the heat exchanger and main ventilation is a very gradual process; the heat exchanger exhaust is operational at all times to ensure that any fine particles are continually filtered out. This provides extra operational reliability. Users benefit from an even climate throughout the house and they can rely on an optimum heat exchanger effect, all featured in one smart controller.

Luminca 38H climate computer, easy to use

The Lumina 38H cllimate computer combines a perfectly controlled climate with the most efficient heat exchanger operation. The touch screens give clear and transparent live process overviews, adding to the system's ease of use. The FarmManager software on the PC automatically saves the heat exchanger records required; a smartphone app gives poultry farmers a 24/7 connection with their houses, from any location. This saves time and prevents errors, and thus greatly improves the daily management of a modern poultry farm. 

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