New high-tech machine for Fancom switch boxes

New high-tech machine for Fancom switch boxes

Fancom has been using smart wiring methodology for all its switch boxes since June 2019. This means that all switch boxes are drawn in 3D so that the system automatically generates a digital wiring list. What this means is that the switch box is first built digitally. The wiring data is then printed on the cable and arrives from our supplier in the form of a prefab cable set or is made manually in our own assembly.

Efficient and error-free

Using the new wire terminal, we can now make the cable sets for our switch boxes fully automatically. This means they are made to length complete with the wire ferrule and sorted in order, by colour and diameter and with wiring data printed on the cable. Our team followed a short instruction training on how to operate and maintain the machine. The new wire terminal is now up and running and we are benefiting from efficiency gains and error-free assembly of our switch boxes.

Simple installation 

If the customer wishes, the individual Fancom control computers can be assembled into a convenient switch box. Our team of specialists has now fully automated the entire process from customer-specific design to building and testing. Our customers can enjoy the advantages of clearly organised, custom-built switch boxes that can be installed quickly and simply in the house. 

New high-tech machine for Fancom switch boxes

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