New I-Fan145 Xtra is simply the best fan for top performances with minimum energy consumption

The I-Fan145 Xtra is a direct driven fan. Intelligent EC technology is used to ensure that the fan always runs in the optimal position. The I-fan Xtra also produces practically no heat and therefore loses less energy. This technology, combined with the aerodynamic design, makes energy savings of up to 85% feasible compared with traditional fans.

Powerhouse that uses your precious energy efficiently

The choice of the best fan for your situation is easy, there is one type of motor you can use and which suits all kinds of conditions. This is possible thanks to the extremely accurate fan control (continuously variable from 54 to 610 rpm) without compromising on stability and fan capacity. This fan also performs extremely well in the minimum ventilation range.

  • For optimal energy savings, use the fan up to 75% of its capacity up to 43,940 m3/h (at 20 Pa)
  • In situations where saving energy is less important, use the full 100% capacity and the fan will deliver a top performance of 62,660 m3/h (at 20 Pa)
New I-Fan145 Xtra is simply the best fan for top performances with minimum energy consumption
IF145 Xtra

Fast ROI

The fan combines a high air output with exceptionally low energy consumption. As an example, in an average poultry house with 40,000 birds and a ventilation demand of 280,000 m3/h, the new I-Fan145 Xtra can save up to €4,000 a year on energy compared with the currently available solutions. The additional investment is recovered in a year and a half. 

Years of trouble-free operation

The materials used and the high IP66 classification of the motor means the fan is highly resistant to the aggressive substances in the house air. This allows us to guarantee a long and malfunction free operating life.

Safety first

The safety features provide that additional assurance that the fan will continue to operate under all conditions to protect your animals. Even in situations with strong headwinds and low rpm, an overload or loss of signals to the climate computer, you can rely on the fan to provide your animals with fresh air.

Complete system

The I-Fan145Xtra is the largest in our series of I-fan Xtra fans and is part of a complete ventilation system. All these components are perfectly aligned to ensure the best growth conditions for your animals. Fully automatic and under all conditions!

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