New Lumina for Dafa Mushroom farm

New Lumina for Dafa Mushroom farm

Since the early 2000s, very special mushrooms have been cultivated in the  in a special way in the Taiwanese hills in the Xinshe district. Dafa Mushroom Farm is a family business that has passed from father to 2 sons. The company has grown into a production company for Eryngii, or King oyster mushrooms, with 34 cultivation cells.

Lumina 765 - Dafa Farm

765 upgraded

The climate in the growing rooms is controlled by the Fancom 765 climate computer. In the past month, after many years of good service, the climate installation has been upgraded and the computers have been replaced by the latest Lumina 765 computers. With this, the company is completely up-to-date again and they benefit from the latest control options and the simplified ease of use with touchscreen and remote app.

Special solution

What makes the company so special is that they also produce the compost in which the mycelium will grow entirely in-house. The dosing, weighing and mixing of the components required for the composition of the compost is done fully automatically. Since 2007, they have been using a Fancom computer to control this process. This computer is normally used to produce liquid feed mixtures for pigs. The mixture has changed and improved over the years and more products have been added. In 2018, the installation was expanded with a number of weighers and component silos, and an installation was commissioned to automatically fill the bags of compost. More than 50 tons of compost is produced at a time, enough for 3 cells with 14,000 bags of 1.2 kg each. So there are 3 growing rooms ready at the same time, where harvesting takes 3 days. After this, everything is replaced by new bags with compost.

Compost production - Dafa Farm


This special solution has been composed and built by our local distributor Agritek, who has already made various liquid feed solutions locally and has used his knowledge for this special application. In this way, Dafa Mushrooms has been able to make smart use of the versatility of Fancom, which is not only active in the mushroom sector, but also in poultry and pig farming.

Fancom op VIV MEA met nieuwe fantura tunnelinlaat

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