New multifunctional showroom

New multifunctional showroom

We welcome you to our new showroom, an oasis of innovation and inspiration for farmers around the world. With a focus on efficiency and innovation, the showroom offers a comprehensive overview of our leading products that are part of the Fancom system for total farm automation. Here we can inform our customers in detail about the best solution for their own specific farm situation.

Our showroom is not only a place to see, it is a place to experience! Step into our interactive areas where you can test and feel our products. From high-tech automation to sustainable solutions, here you can touch the future of animal husbandry. The showroom is more than an exhibition space; it is also a meeting place where we can network, exchange knowledge and gain insights from other industry professionals. Because in the world of animal husbandry, collaboration is just as important as innovation.

Stop by, discover and be inspired by our latest solutions that benefit operational management, people, animals and the environment. Today and tomorrow.

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