New system for high pressure cooling

New system for high pressure cooling

Fancom introduces a new system for high pressure cooling. High pressure cooling is an excellent way of cooling incoming air in houses equipped with air inlets and/or tunnel inlets using a high-pressure mist that effectively cools the incoming air. The utilization of ceramic nozzles distinguishes this system, as they offer exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing longevity and sustained performance even in demanding farm environments.


Ceramic nozzles

The cooling system consists of a pump unit, a stainless-steel piping system and ceramic nozzles. The special ceramic nozzles offer several advantages compared with conventional stainless-steel nozzles. Fewer scale deposits build up on the smooth ceramic surface, which reduces wear. Furthermore, the precision engineering of these nozzles optimizes water distribution, maximizing cooling efficiency while minimizing water consumption—a crucial consideration for sustainable farming practices. The self-cleaning nozzles are available in four versions with capacities of 2.3 litres/hour, 3.5 litres/hour, 6 litres/hour and 8.5 litres/hour.

A suitable system for every house

Depending on your house situation and the local climate, we calculate a perfectly fitting cooling system for you. Capacity, number of nozzles and pipe system are precisely tailored to your situation so that your animals benefit from a consistent barn climate without temperature fluctuations.

High-pressure cooling is simple, effective and extremely reliable. For further information and adoption of this transformative technology, please contact your area sales manager.

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