New turkey weighing scale for reliable measurement results

A new turkey weighing scale has been available since 1 June. The completely new design is practical and maintenance-free. It ensures extremely reliable measurement results so that turkey producers can closely monitor the growth of their birds.

Practical and maintenance-free

  • The new scale, with a weighing capacity of 150 kg, is entirely constructed from durable stainless steel and is very simple to clean.
  • The height of the scale is easy to adjust and will fit in every house.
  • The electronics are installed at the top of the building, away from contact with manure and soiling for years of trouble-free operation.
  • There are no obstacles that could injure the birds.

Better measuring results

  • The round design is very light and can be accessed easily by the birds from all sides.
  • Thanks to the special construction with just one suspension point, the platform hardly moves when the birds step on or off. This attracts the birds so that the many weighing moments guarantee reliable measurements.
New turkey weighing scale for reliable measurement results
New turkey weighing scale for reliable measurement results

The new turkey scale is part of the 747 weighing system that consists of a control computer with a maximum of 8 scales. Continuously weighing the birds provides turkey producers with an up to date overview of the growth process in the house and insight into animal activity. Abnormalities are visible more quickly, so producers can intervene in time to improve their results. In addition, the end weights can be predicted more accurately to avoid sanctions from the abattoir.