Next step in control; more ease of use for Lumina

Next step in control; more ease of use for Lumina

The Lumina poultry computers are now even more easy to use. The new Lumina software has been expanded with the addition of a number of clear operating screens that give users an improved overview of the situation in the houses. The Lumina enables even the most extensive processes in the house to be operated more simply and offers complete control of the climate, feed and bird weighing computers at a single touch.

Better overview

The main screens now contain various handy navigation buttons that give direct access to the most important data from the houses. It is possible to zoom in from each page to retrieve more details. The data is clearly structured, and users can quickly return to the main screen. This makes it easier to adjust settings and reduces the risk of errors. Poultry farmers have a better overview of the processes and can access more data generated by the control computers. 

Update available

Existing Lumina controls can easily be updated with the new software so that each poultry farmer can benefit from the new ease of use. 


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