Next step in control; more ease of use for the Lumina mushroom computers

Next step in control; more ease of use for the Lumina mushroom computers

The Lumina mushroom computers are now even more easy to use.  The new Lumina software has been expanded with a number of clear operating screens, which makes management of the intelligent controls of the Fancom climate and watering computers much easier.

Better overview

The main screen is an easy to read dashboard that shows the current status in colours. Green means everything is fine, orange means that some aspect needs your attention. Handy navigation buttons give direct access to the most important data from the cells and tunnels in trends of the past 48 hours. It is possible to zoom in from each page to retrieve more details. The data is clearly structured, giving users an improved overview of the situation. Read more about the mushroom climate control.


Remote app

New is the Fancom Infinia Remote App. Infinia keeps you in touch with the computers at your mushroom farm, no matter where you are. The app gives clear overviews of the real-time data of the climate and watering computers on your smartphone. 

Next step in control; meer bedieningsgemak voor de Lumina champignoncomputers

Remote control

If the app shows irregularities, you can change settings from any place in the world for immediate improvement of the situation in the farm. This represents an immense advance in the daily management of your farm. It saves time, prevents errors and increases the profitability of your farm!

From compost to mushroom, Fancom creates the conditions for balanced mushroom growing. Fancom has a climate computer suitable for each phase of the production process, from fermentation to harvest. Our systems are total solutions consisting of a control computer and peripheral equipment developed by experts with sound knowledge of the mushroom growing processes. A simple way to increase the efficiency of your operational management.

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