One team – One vision at VIV Asia

One team – One vision at VIV Asia

After more than 2 years of travel restrictions, we are pleased to be back at VIV Asia in Bangkok from March 8-10, 2023. The agricultural world in Asia Pacific is in full swing and Fancom is anticipating new challenges and we have some exciting product news to share with you

Complete control

At our booth we show you how our systems offer farmers total control over the various processes in their barns or houses.That has been our role for many years and will continue to be in the future. However, the way in which we shape that role is set to change in the short term


Superior farm conditions 

Fancom One is the new, smart approach to house automation. The principle is all about creating superior conditions for pig and poultry producers. The scale of farms continues to grow, technology is becoming more complex, and customers are placing increasingly higher demands. And we want to offer everyone a suitable solution that aligns and harmonises the controller and the peripheral equipment perfectly and enables smart communication. The various processes such as climate control, feed and water distribution, animal weighing and egg counting must interact and operate seamlessly. And no matter how sophisticated and complex the systems are, user-friendliness is paramount. Everything is scalable so we can deliver a suitable solution for every type of house, anywhere in the world. Never too much and never too little. And always customised to match the needs of that particular farmer. We call this new approach Fancom One; centralised control of the entire house. 

New products

In addition to the new approach for total control, we will of course show our latest showpieces in the field of efficient ventilation, such as the large I-fan145Xtra energy-efficient fan and the unique Fantura tunnel inlet.

Another novelty at the fair is the expansion of the Intellitek sow feeding station. It features pre-recognition, so that sows that have lost their ear tag are rapidly detected and automatically separated from the group.

Fancom One - Sneak Preview

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