Save even more energy with new I-fan Xtra fans

Save even more energy with new I-fan Xtra fans

Our energy efficient I-fan Xtra fans have been developed further. The new I-fan Xtra fans are extremely stable and even more energy-efficient than the current I-fans. The I-fan Xtra is the latest version in the I-fan range, that since 2006 has been combining a high air output with exceptionally low energy consumption. In the smaller diameters of 35 to 63 cm, the I-fan Xtra has been operating to full satisfaction for a while. Now the larger diameters of 80 and 92 cm are also available in the improved I-fan Xtra version.

The intelligent electronics in the I-fan ensures it operates at the most favourable speed in all conditions. This is why the I-fan Xtra uses much less energy than standard fans to produce the same air output. Whether the fans are running at full RPM, or in the minimum ventilation position, they continue to perform stably and with the utmost energy efficiency.

Technically improved motors

New technology has enabled us to refine the motors of these energy efficient fans. Robust electronics and sensorless technology have boosted the fan's stability so it is even more resistant to overvoltage. We have gradually implemented this new technology in our I-fans. The complete series is now available in the new I-fan Xtra version. This guarantees years of trouble-free operation in every house. 

The I-fan Xtra is available in diameters ranging from 35 to 92 cm, as a wall mounted fan, modular fan and a build-in fan. The powerhouse in the series is the 52" direct driven I-fan Xtra with a maximum capacity of over 58000 m3/h.

Save even more energy with new I-fan Xtra fans

Extra energy efficient

An added benefit of these technical improvements is that the I-fan Xtra saves an additional 15% of energy compared with the existing I-fans. And they're already super energy efficient! The level of energy savings will be optimal if the I-fan Xtra is combined with the smart control in our Lumina climate controllers. Savings of up to 85% compared with the traditional triac fan are easily feasible. 

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