Special issue about Precision Livestock Farming from the Animal Frontiers magazine

Special issue about Precision Livestock Farming from the Animal Frontiers magazine

Fancom’s research team contributed to different articles on Precision Livestock Farming in Animal Frontiers magazine. Animal Frontiers is an international review magazine of animal agriculture managed by a joint venture between four globally active professional animal science societies that are dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of science-based knowledge concerning animal agriculture. The January issue is a special about Precision Livestock Farming (PLF), summing up the main challenges in the livestock sector and describing how PLF-technology can offer solutions. Different articles describe the main principles of the PLF technology and suggest next steps to implement PLF technology at a larger scale.

The Precision Livestock Farming approach aims to monitor and manage animals in a continuous, real-time (24/7) and fully automated way. The modern PLF technology (cameras, microphones, sensors and internet) will bring the farmers’ attention to the individual animals that need their help to solve a problem. This will change the life of farmers and their animals. Farmers can take immediate action when an animal has problems and will spend time on solving problems rather than controlling problems. The application of PLF technology for many animals will reduce costs and make the technology available and affordable for small family farms as well as in developing countries.

As a partner in the EU-PLF project, Fancom’s research team, lead by Prof. Dr. Erik Vranken contributed to several articles in this Animal Frontiers issue and the results of field tests with Fancom’s PLF systems eYeNamic, eYeScan and Pig Cough monitoring are described in the magazine.

You can download the PLF magazine of Animal Frontiers:

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