Step into the virtual iFarm at VIV Asia!

Visit us at VIV asia and step into our virtual iFarm. Discover all our sensors in the house and get complete control of your business! You will be surprised to see just how well your animals will score at the end of the round!

Manage by exception

Fancom provides complete farm control. This is done using our well-known climate control and feed automation systems. But we also use new sensor technology such as cameras and microphones. The key is to put the animals at the center of the equation, allowing them to tell us what is going on. Are they experiencing good welfare, are they healthy and do they demonstrate normal behavior? Gather as much information as possible and manage by exception.

Access to your farm anytime, any place, any device

Our managementsoftware keeps you in touch with your houses 24 hours a day, no matter where you are. The communication process is simple: all the information generated by the computers and sensors in the house is automatically sent to a central server from where it is clearly presented on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Efficient operation saves time and prevents errors

The system provides you with the data you need to make better management decisions. The data is well arranged and displayed to suit your way of working; per section, per house or per farm. This represents an immense advance compared with other systems where you have to enter data manually and combine information generated by the various processes yourself.

The results

  • Access to your farm data anytime, anyplace, on any device
  • Compare and analyze to improve production
  • You are in control of your business

Get to know our virtual iFarm at VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand. Visit our virtual farm at our stand 2624 in hall 98. Don't miss this unique experience!