Technical Service progressing on the digital highway

Technical Service progressing on the digital highway

The level of digital support for our customers is continuing to improve. We have a variety of technical tools and are in touch with our distributors and users of our equipment every day. We can log in to their systems, look over their shoulders to see the actual situation and find answers to their questions together. Even new installations can be started-up remotely and digitally.

Video calls are often a solution

Here is a typical picture of how we currently operate. Joost van de Mortel and Ves Jacobs helping a customer with questions about the Intellitek feeding station. The actual situation at the customer is replicated in the Intellitek in our showroom and video footage from a mobile phone can be used to help the customer. 

We also regularly organise short question and answer sessions with our distributors. This helps us keep in touch and up to speed with developments in the market. 

New way of working also offers advantages

Fancom’s Technical Service Manager Patricia van den Bekerom is very satisfied when it comes to this new way of working digitally: “In the past few months, we had no other choice than to adapt to a whole new way of working, and some things are even better than before. For example, you can spread training sessions better. If you give training on-site there are time restraints, so you want to utilise all the time available to train the whole day. But if your trip back is scheduled, you have to make sure everything has been covered. Now we have greater flexibility and can chop the training into several shorter sessions. That is often more convenient for customers too. But, of course, we miss the personal contact with our customers a lot and can't wait until we can physically get back into the barns and houses".

Technical Service progressing on the digital highway

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