Think Green World Tour

Think Green World Tour

It is our mission to show the world that technology is already enabling us to produce animal-friendly meat on a large scale. That is why you will regularly see us at exhibitions and congresses. Using ‘Think Green’ as our slogan, we show you how we center the animal, collect as much information from the house as possible and only intervene when something is wrong. We do this with our intelligent systems and new sensor techniques that take measurements from the animal, such as camera systems and sound analysis.

With the information from the houses we can contribute to various issues regarding food safety, animal welfare and durable protein production. By providing our data from the production process in the house, we can help increase insight in the total protein production chain. 

This way consumers can get guarantees on the animal welfare behind the products that they see in the store shelves. Would you also like to see what our role is in this vision for the future? Visit us during one of the events of our Think Green World Tour.

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