Train your farm managers to improve farm results

Train your farm managers to improve farm results

Over the past few months, we have again provided several on-site training courses, teaching farm manager how to make efficient use of the control equipment in their farms. Afterwards, we receive many positive reactions and, in most cases, the result of the newly acquired knowledge is immediately visible in the farm results.

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Recently, we were at several locations in the Middle East region. Because of the hot climate conditions, people in these countries mainly focus on the maximum capacity of the ventilation system to achieve a comfortable indoor climate with fully grown animals and extreme outdoor conditions. But especially in a desert climate, where it can be quite cold at night, it is so important to carefully control the minimum ventilation [link to white paper] as well.

This is why we always start our trainings with a theoretical part and show them how a well-regulated climate improves animal performance. For example, we calculate what it pays off if we improve mortality by 10%. An improvement we can achieve quite easily.

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Read here how Tiago M. Santos managed to improve his mortality rate by up to 4.5 times.

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We then go into the farm and immediately put the knowledge into practice. We show them how to make optimal use of the many possibilities in our control equipment and let them make the optimal settings themselves for their specific situation. This gives people confidence in working with the equipment. It also provides the knowledge and skills to quickly identify and solve equipment problems. 

Overall, proper training contributes to the successful implementation of new climate control equipment, resulting in improved performance, efficiency, animal welfare and safety. Benefits that, incidentally, also apply when training farm managers in existing farms. 

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