Updated PCM cough monitor with early warning tool

A new version of the PCM cough monitor for finishers is now available. The cough monitor consists of a computer with special sound analysis function and two microphones that hang in the section. The computer filters the coughing noises from other sounds and warns if the coughing behaviour differs from acceptable levels. Through better and quicker observation of coughing behaviour, respiratory problems can de detected at an early stage, and antibiotic use can be reduced, or even avoided altogether.

Improved analysis and handy early warning

Since the introduction of the first cough monitor in 2014, the algorithm that analyses the measurements has been improved. The cough monitor can now warn users of abnormal coughing behaviour even more accurately.

The display of measurement results has also been hugely enhanced in this updated version. The new PCM features a LED strip that hangs on the control computer in the central corridor. During the daily inspection rounds in the house, the user is shown the animals’ health status at a glance; green is good, amber is an alert and red is a signal to take action.

The display of measuring results on the PC is now also clearer. The system does more than simply count the absolute number of coughs. It automatically adjusts to the situation in the house and takes into account any tendencies in the animals’ growth process. Users will only be alerted if anything really is wrong.

Less antibiotic use

The cough monitor can detect respiratory problems up to two weeks sooner, so users can take a targeted approach to treatment and reduce the number of preventive vaccinations. Intervention can take place sooner and animals will have less, and shorter, incidence of disease. The result is less growth loss and better feed conversion rates - two compelling arguments that give the cough monitor an interesting ROI. This is another major advantage of the cough monitor, additional to the social aspect of reducing antibiotic use.