Venky's group sets an example in the Indian poultry industry

Venky's group sets an example in the Indian poultry industry

With its new breeder-broiler farm, the Venky's Group is building an example poultry house in which optimum animal performance is combined with a particularly low energy consumption. The project comprises 3 houses for 11,000 breeders.

Optimum ventilation

The MTT ventilation system in these houses ensures that the animals are within their comfort zone under all circumstances.

A combination of 3 types of fans was chosen to ensure optimal ventilation:

  • 7 energy-efficient and highly adjustable I-fan Xtra 52-inch fans, to ensure even increase of ventilation capacity
  • 3 extra box fans for use during extreme outdoor conditions
  • 1 variable speed fan to provide accurately controlled minimum ventilation

The Lumina 38 climate computer chooses the optimal combination of available ventilation capacity under all circumstances and thus ensures the most efficient ventilation with minimal energy consumption.

Unique air inlet system

The air inlet system is also unique in these houses. The Fantura air inlet valves prevent cold air falling onto the animals and ensure even distribution of fresh air throughout the house. A special tunnel inlet, assembled with air inlet valves type 3500, ensures gradual transition to tunnel ventilation without cold air drop. 

Additional relative humidity and ammonia sensors continuously monitor important climate parameters inside and outside so that the conditions for the animals are always kept optimal. 

This special ventilation system is part of a complete farm control system. Bala Industries, Fancom's partner in India, supplied the automation system. The project has been in operation for two months. It is working well and the client is satisfied with the results so far!

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