Yvon Lintanff, General Manager of Fancom EURL retires

Yvon Lintanff, General Manager of Fancom EURL retires

After more than 37 years of service, Yvon Lintanff, General Manager of Fancom EURL, will enjoy his well-deserved retirement as of July 1, 2023. Yvon has been of great value to the development and growth of our French subsidiary and we will certainly miss him.

Yvon Lintanff

Yvon started his career at Fancom in Vitré, Brittany on March 23, 1985. Fancom France had just been founded and with only 2 employees he enthusiastically set to work to expand Fancom's market leadership to France. The first years were mainly focused on the pig industry, since more than half of the French pig herd is located in this westernmost region of France. The product range was later expanded and Fancom EURL also became successful in the poultry industry. Fancom EURL grew rapidly and in 1997 the company moved to a completely new build premises, also in Vitré. Many pig and poultry farms in France are now benefiting from higher productivity, better animal welfare and improved quality of the end product thanks to the use of our automation systems.

In addition to his efforts for the French market, Yvon was also active for Fancom in the French-speaking part of Canada and did good business with a number of large Eastern European integrations. He is a true ambassador for Fancom and has travelled extensively for us to increase the awareness of the Fancom brand beyond the French borders.

We thank Yvon for all the years that he has devoted himself with great dedication and commitment to Fancom in Vitré and Panningen and to all employees. We wish him all the best for the future and a lot of fun and relaxation during his retirement.

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